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The Wheel of the Year

Rebecca Beattie

ISBN: 9781783967131
Published 15/06/2023
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Live a life in step with the seasons. In this enchanting book, Rebecca Beattie - a Wiccan priestess who has practised witchcraft for over twenty years - takes us on a magical journey around the Wheel of the Year. Every six weeks, from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice, from the Autumn Equinox to Imbolc, these restorative moments in nature's cycle offer a moment to pause and reflect, to reconnect with the seasons and ourselves.

The Wheel of the Year is alive with the ebb and flow of the natural world, full of nurturing rituals, rejuvenating wisdom and journal prompts to help you sow seeds of change and thrive. 'Warm, friendly... Encourages us to pause, rather than rush headlong through life.

It's a way to make time and space to really experience the world around us.