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Take Your Breath Away

Linwood Barclay

ISBN: 9780008332136
Published 15/09/2022
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When his wife Brie vanishes from their home one night, never to be seen again, people assume Andy got away with murder.

The police can't build a case against him, but still his friends and neighbours abandon him. Six years later, Andy's life is back on track, and he's settled with a new girlfriend. And when he hears his old house has been bulldozed and rebuilt, he's not bothered.

Things are good. But then one day, a woman who looks like Brie shows up at their old address, screaming 'Where's my house? What happened to my house?' before vanishing as quickly as she appeared. And as dark suspicions resurface, Andy's future depends on discovering what the hell is going on.

The trick is staying alive long enough to find out . . .