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A Calamity of Mannerings

Joanna Nadin

ISBN: 9781915235091
Published 04/05/2023
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'It is a curse to be born a girl...' Take a peek into the diary of Panth (never enquire as to her given name), a young woman knocking on the gilded door of adult life and high society. But kicking up one's heels at the Cafe de Paris does not come easily to a girl navigating:1. Poverty (even the genteel kind), thanks to her papa's sad demise2.

A lack of any experience whatsoever with the opposite sex, of course not counting Freddy Spencer (and he wasn't that sort of experience, anyhow) 3. Multiple sisters with ideas, a grandmother with opinions and one recalcitrant sheep. Panth knows there is more for her out in the world - it's 1924, for goodness' sake - and that could include swoonsome American with excellent teeth, Buck Buchanan. The question is - how in the name of Tatler is she to claim it? A hilarious coming-of-age story for fans of I Capture the Castle and Bridgerton.

Cover illustration by Emma Block.