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At Swim, Two Boys

Jamie O'Neill

ISBN: 9780743207140
Published 01/07/2002
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The Irish contemporary classic in a beautiful new edition.

'Weren't you never out for an easy dip?' he asked . . .'I don't mean the baths, I mean with a pal. For a lark like.' Out at the Forty Foot, that great jut of Dublin rock where gentlemen bathe in the scandalous nude, two boys meet day after day. There they make a pact: that Doyler will teach Jim to swim, and in a year, they will swim the bay to the distant beacon of the Muglins rock, to raise the Green and claim it for themselves.

As a turbulent year drives inexorably towards the Easter Rising of 1916 and Ireland sets forth on a path to uncertain glory, a tender, secret love story unfolds.

Written with verve and mastery in a modern Irish tradition descended from James Joyce and Flann O'Brien, At Swim, Two Boys is a shimmering novel of unforgettable ambition, intensity and humanity.

'One of the greatest Irish novels ever written' David Marcus

'The music of Jamie O'Neill's prose creates a new Irish symphony' Peter Ackroyd

'Heartachingly beautiful' Independent on Sunday 'A vivid picture of human freedom' Sunday Times