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Calm: 50 mindfulness exercises to de-stress wherever you are

Arlene Unger
Published 18/12/2019
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Feel calm and happy with 50 easy exercises. Here is the antidote to the clamour and strain of everyday living, a means of breaking the vicious cycle of stress. This book offers instant and effective ways to slow down and find some serenity - wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Drawing on a wide range of proven psychological techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy and emotional brain training, Love Your Self Calm will help you find some inner peace in a noisy world. The perfect size to keep in your bag or pocket, this guide is designed to be a tool that you keep close by. Full of quick and easy solutions, discover within: How to bring harmony into your every day Why you need to be good to yourself andhow to start today Step-by-step exercises for finding calm on your busiest day, no matter where you are Expert, resilience-building tricks that inspire clarity, reduce anxiety and resolve triggers The key to beginning and ending your day calmly The Love Your Self series is designed to help you achieve well-being and feel full of life. Look out for the other titles in the Love Your Self series: Pause, Energy, Sleep.