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Ultimate Pub Quiz


ISBN: 9780008406226
Published 03/09/2020
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A bumper quiz book, with all new questions to test your general knowledge, with more than 500 up-to-date quizzes and around 10,000 questions. Includes 30 picture rounds to get you scratching your head! Arranged in easy, medium and hard sections, these quizzes offer something for everyone. Perfect for playing with friends and family! Have a go at these sample questions! Did Neil Armstrong first step on the moon with his left foot or his right foot? His left foot. The borders of which three Asian countries meet at the area called the Golden Triangle? Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. What is a Trinidad scorpion? A chilli pepper. This is the ideal gift for all budding quizzers, whether playing at home with friends and family, or practising for a night down the pub. The answers are quick and easy to find so that anyone can pick this up and test themselves or play quiz master.