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Woodland Magic: Deer in Danger

Julie Sykes

ISBN: 9781800781436
Published 01/09/2022
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he second story in an illustrated magical adventure series from the bestselling author of the Unicorn Academy, brimming with drama and an environmental theme. The Keepers are a secretive tribe of little people who live in the middle of Whispering Woods, caring for the countryside and rewilding it when humans (or Ruffins as they know them) are careless with it. Young Keepers Cora and Jax are trainees who need to prove themselves or risk being sent back to school.

Intent on their task of building a hedgehog highway by making holes at the bottom of fences on a new housing estate, they come upon a deer trapped in the foundations of a building site. Their woodland magic isn't strong enough to help the deer escape, but they will not be able to complete their task if they try to get help for the deer. A brilliant new magical series perfect for 6-8 year olds combining animal rescue, nature conservation and adventure.