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Edible Garden

Joe Swift

ISBN: 9780008461140
Published 03/03/2022
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Grown your own food with expert gardener Joe Swift. Creating our own edible garden connects us with the natural world, improves our physical and mental health and contributes to eco-friendly and sustainable food production. If you want to learn to grow your own fruit and veg, Joe Swift shows you how with practical, easy-to-follow advice.

Joe's no-nonsense approach covers everything you need to know from choosing and buying plants to planning a plot and preparing for the different seasons. He then guides you through caring for them including watering, feeding, and combatting common plant problems. In this book Joe covers a vast range of wonderful and varied edible plants.

He demonstrates how to grow your own food indoors or outdoors, whether in plots, containers, raised beds or green houses. You'll also learn about sowing seeds, compost, fertilisers and pests and diseases. If you've ever wanted to save money and grown your own greens, this is the place to start! Joe Swift is an author, TV presenter and garden designer.

He makes regular appearances on BBC's Gardener's World and the RHS Flower Shows