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Emerald and the Ocean Parade

Harriet Muncaster

ISBN: 9780192783974
Published 02/03/2023
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Beautifully illustrated in two colour, this new series from the world of Isadora Moon introduces Isadora's mermaid friend, Emerald! Emerald is learning how to be a mermaid princess, but she doesn't feel like one at all. She's not very good at waving to crowds and royal headdresses just aren't her thing - her hair is too spiky and wild. Emerald's wriggly pet octopus, Inkibelle, doesn't much like living at the royal palace either.

The annual Ocean Parade is coming up. Will Emerald be brave enough to be a mermaid princess but do it her own, special way? Beautiful gift edition packed with extra activities and things to make and do.