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Stories from Around the World: Enchanted Tales

Laura Sampson

ISBN: 9781800785915
Published 28/09/2023
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A treasury of spellbinding stories that sparkle and glitter with magic. This stunning collection brings together a selection of enchanted tales from all over the world - from North America to Siberia, West Africa, Peru, India, Japan, England and Australia. Get lost in tales of imaginary worlds, enchanted animal, fantastical creatures, wishes and wizards.

Retold by storyteller and vocal performer Laura Sampson and with beautifully detailed artwork by Taiwanese duo Quang and Lien. Tales include Snow White (Germany), Bloddeuwed (Wales), Valissa the Beautiful (Russia), The Stone Cutter (Japan) and Tom Tit Tot (England). A beautifully illustrated story collection to treasure, Enchanted Tales is the perfect gift to open up a world of magic to readers of all ages.