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Everything Is Washable* and Other Life Lessons

Sali Hughes

ISBN: 9780008284176
Published 15/09/2022
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How to buy jeans that fit Thirty-seven things to have in your kitchen cupboard Tiny acts for mental health How to support a friend going through IVF Why bad boys are an absolute waste of your time How to cope with working mum guilt This smart guide will help you navigate modern life, enabling you to save money and time. Sali Hughes offers striking good sense on: home; food and drink, fashion; health and beauty; life and finances; friends, relationships and family. From useful, everyday tips such as how to cut your own fringe and how to buy great second-hand clothing, to the less talked about, agonising questions like how to split finances with your partner and how to grieve, Guardian beauty editor Sali Hughes has advice on the big and the small, and everything in between.