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Maze Quest: Feast Beasts


ISBN: 9780008599577
Published 11/05/2023
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Make your way through more than 50 mazes in this adventure story! When you are magically transported to a world where the food eats you, you must find a way to escape! Can you make your way through over 50 foodie mazes to get away from the hungry Feast Beasts before you become their dinner?! Make your way through vegetable villages, spaghetti cities, candy lands and beyond. Escape from hungry chocolate cake monsters, angry dragon fruits and an enormous pumpkin giant. Find clues along the way to crack the code to finish the story.

Includes simple mazes, layered mazes, number mazes, letter mazes and more! Perfect for maze-loving little puzzlers. Will you take on the quest? For more a-maze-ing fun...collect the set!