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Furious Heaven

Kate Elliott

ISBN: 9781800243262
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The second book in The Sun Chronicles trilogy, a galactic-scale, gender-swapped space opera series inspired by the life of Alexander the Great. Shrewd, brutal, relentless and patient, Queen-Marshal Eirene has led the Republic of Chaonia from the brink of annihilation to the edge of victory. One by one, her enemies have fallen in defeat, and now she is ready to push her battle-hardened fleets into territories long controlled by the mighty Phene Empire.

But her victories are not without cost. The Republic has endured decades of conflict, with factions simmering beneath the surface, waiting for their chance to boil. The Phene know this.

While they might not be able to defeat the Queen-Marshal in open battle, there are other ways to strike back. And on the eve of Eirene's attack on the rich and populous Karnos System, they will. In the aftermath, Eirene's daughter, Princess Sun, will face her greatest challenge yet.

Can she escape her mother's shadow and forge her own legend, despite all that's arrayed against her?