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Mark Knowles

ISBN: 9781801102766
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The exciting new historical novel in Mark Knowles' Blades of Bronze series. You've read the myths of Ancient Greece... now see how life really was in the Age of Heroes.

Decades after the voyage of the fabled Argo, the last remaining Argonauts are scattered to the corners of the Greek world, old men living on past glories. The great victory at Troy is naught but a memory. The gods have abandoned Greece.

The last vestiges of once-mighty kingdoms are crumbling and the enemy is nearly at the gates. The Age of Heroes is dead. The Sea People are coming...

Only one young man can rise up, channel the spirit of the Argonauts, and inspire and renew the heroism of old: Xandros, callow grandson of the great Jason. His mission is a desperate one, and it may yet be too late. Will the old world crumble and burn once and for all, or will a new hero rise to victory?