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How to Work Without Losing Your Mind

Cate Sevilla

ISBN: 9780241988992
Published 19/01/2023
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Award-winning journalist and editor-in-chief Cate Sevilla has survived the messy, stressy and sometimes bizarre world of work - just. In How to Work Without Losing Your Mind, she gives an unflinchingly honest account of the bad bosses, the time spent crying in work loos, the hell and humiliation of her working life but, most importantly, she reveals the solid self-belief, the sage advice and the hard-won lessons that got her through. Filled with humour, wit and supportive words, this book is your essential guide to fixing your relationship with your work.

Press it into the hands of every women who is sinking in a toxic work environment, battling burnout, recovering from redundancy or trying to find the right career fit.