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Keeping the House

Tice Cin

ISBN: 9781913505080
Published 07/09/2021
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The Turkish variety are prized for their enlarged leaf bud, that's where we put the heroin.

There's a stash of heroin waiting to be imported, and no one seems sure what to do with it.

But Ayla's a gardener, and she has a plan. Offering a fresh and funny take on the machinery of the North London heroin trade, Keeping the House lifts the lid on a covert world thriving just beneath notice: not only in McDonald's queues and men's clubs, but in spotless living rooms and whispering kitchens. Spanning three generations, this is the story of the women who keep their family - and their family business - afloat, juggling everything from police surveillance to trickier questions of community, belonging and love.