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Musical World

Jeffrey Boakye

ISBN: 9780571377497
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From the critically acclaimed author of Musical Truth comes a new soundtrack to pivotal historical moments from around the world. From Billie Holliday to Aretha Franklin, Fela Kuti to Donna Summer, Elton John to Michael Jackson - it turns out that 40 classic tunes reflect and encapsulate the key historical moments of the 20th and 21st century. Musical World features music from a vast range of genres including Jazz, Rock n Roll, Disco and Hiphop.

Jeffrey Boakye, teacher, historian and broadcaster, explores the roots and wider impact of these genres, touching on why they were celebrated or seen as problematic, their political and cultural impact, and their ongoing legacy today. Featuring a dance that lead to a new sense of sexual liberation, feminism, the Vietnam war, the carving up of the African continent, antisemitism, HIV, homosexuality and the impact of disco, and a football anthem.. It will make you cry, question and gasp - this is a brand new view of world history - memorable, outspoken - hitherto unspoken!