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Never, Ever, Ever Ask a Pirate to a Party

Clare Helen Welsh

ISBN: 9781839942181
Published 06/07/2023
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Get ready for a fantastical birthday party adventure featuring a dinosaur, dragon, unicorn, pirate . . .

and a spaceship full of aliens! If you want the perfect party, never, ever, ever invite this crowd of chaotic guests! The unicorn will demand sparkles and bubbles, the dragon will set fire to your decorations and the fizzy drinks will send the aliens wild! But . . .

never, ever, EVER send your guests home! Because a party's only a party if you share it with your friends! Featuring hilarious, colourful scenes with plenty to spot, as well as a simple message about sharing good times with friends, little ones will want to go right back to the beginning and read the book again (and again)!