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No Love Lost

Rachel Ingalls

ISBN: 9780571376582
Published 06/04/2023
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After a one-night-stand with the Angel Gabriel, a monk is transformed into a pregnant woman. Lost in the fog, two visitors are lured into a ruined candlelit mansion. A wife confiscates her husband's homemade sex doll, only to demand her own.

Great-aunts warn of the deadly skin of the pearlkillers. Rachel Ingalls' incomparable novellas are masterpieces: surrealist, subversive, tragicomic. Prepare to meet what lurks beneath .

'Macabre, fantastic and haunting . . .

One of the most brilliant practitioners of American Gothic since Poe . . .

Read her at your peril.' Independent

'Fables whose unadorned sentences belie their irreducible strangeness . . . In her vision of intimacy and interdependence, you're simply not safe until everybody else is dead . . .Brilliant.' New Yorker

'Resists definition . . . Her work combines subtlety and horror, magic and stark realism, Greek tragedy and happily-ever-afters . . .Rare and fine. ' Guardian

'Idiosyncratic, haunting, masterly . . . A modern fabulist making myths which explode into strangeness.' Observer