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Now Go to Sleep!

Matt Carr

ISBN: 9780702306235
Published 06/05/2021
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Shirley Sheep (Head of Sleep) comes to the rescue in this brilliant follow-up to Now Wash Your Hands! The kids from Mrs Moo's class are running wild - it's bedtime, but none of them can sleep - one's had too much sugar, another is afraid of the dark, one can't put his game down, one read a far-too-scary bedtime story and another - a crocodile - actually just has too many teeth to clean! In each house on Sparrow Street, the grown-ups are repeating 'now go to sleep', but nothing is working. A funny and calming story that will help little ones make the most of their night-time routine. A brightly coloured, rhyming picture book to read together at bedtime, again and again.

With a page of handy tips to help your little ones get to sleep.