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On Learning Golf

Percy Boomer

ISBN: 9781800815865
Published 01/06/2023
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Once named the most influential golf instructor of all time by Golf Illustrated, Percy Boomer delivers the foundations of modern golf instruction in his classic 1946 book On Learning Golf. With this new edition, the modern golfer can go back to the source and learn directly from the master.

Percy Boomer's methods have been adopted by generations of golfers, instructors and writers, delivering the basics of golf practice as well as golf psychology with a unique blend of humour and anecdote. Famed for his teachings on learning to control the swing of the club by feel rather than thought, Percy Boomer urged his students to learn a proper swing through intuition rather than by trying to understand the mechanics of a shot. Regarded as one of the best books ever written on playing the game, On Learning Golf is a classic guide by a legendary instructor.