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One Enchanted Evening

Katie Fforde

ISBN: 9781529136159
Published 02/03/2023
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Step into the world of Katie Fforde where love, romance and the happiest of happy endings are just around the corner. The new novel by the number one bestselling author and queen of feel-good romance.

'With palpable chemistry between Meg and Justin and they will-they-won't-they at its core, this enjoyable read will appeal to die-hard romantics.' Heat Magazine

Ever since she can remember, Meg has wanted to be a professional cook.

But it's 1964, and in restaurant kitchens all over England it is still a man's world. Then she gets a call from her mother who is running a small hotel in Dorset. There's an important banqueting event coming up.

She needs help and she needs it now! When Meg arrives, the hotel seems stuck in the past. But she loves a challenge, and sets to work. Then Justin, the son of the hotel owner, appears, determined to take over the running of the kitchen.

Infuriated, Meg is determined to keep cooking - and soon sparks between them begin to fly. Will their differences be a recipe for disaster? After all, the course of true love never did run smooth...