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Farokh Talati

ISBN: 9781472988690
Published 10/11/2022
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From Dinaz Aunty's incredible tamarind and coconut fish curry, lamb stewed with cinnamon and Hunza apricots, to baked custards infused with saffron and cardamom, Parsi cuisine is a rich fusion of Persian and Indian influences: unique and utterly delicious. In his debut cookbook, Head Chef of St. John Bread & Wine, Farokh Talati, gathers together a selection of classic Parsi recipes from his travels through India and time spent in the kitchen with family, revealing them here for you to discover and enjoy at home.

Recipes include:

Parsi omelette

Charred sweetcorn and paneer salad

Persian scorched rice

Parsi kheema

Kedgeree - a Parsi version

Prawn Patio

Mango poached in jaggery and saffron

Cardamom doughnuts

Blending Persian and Indian cookery in a journey from family life in west London all the way to Gujarat and beyond, and told through recipes, stories and photographs, Parsi is much more than a cookbook - it is a love letter to the Parsi culture and its people.