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Pizazz vs the Future

Sophy Henn

ISBN: 9781398505865
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The sixth book in the graphic novel-like series for readers aged 7+ from the amazingly talented illustrator and author Sophy Henn! Brimming with Sophy's hilarious illustrations, this is the perfect read for fans of Bunny Vs Monkey, Tom Gates, Amelia Fang, Wimpy Kid and Dog Man. Everyone's favourite reluctant superhero is back and ready to give this super thing her ALL - she's even got a BRAND-NEW COSTUME. Pizazz soon discovers that a bunch of baddies have formed TEAM TOXIC and are trying to DESTROY the PLANET for ever, but none of the grown-ups even care! This time it's up to Pizazz and her friends to save the world . . . before it destroys ITSELF!