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Royal Horticultural Society Complete Gardener's Manual

Simon Akeroyd

ISBN: 9780241432433
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A one-stop treasure trove from the experts at RHS that covers every aspect of gardening!Dreaming of having the perfect garden? Does it have a vegetable patch? Classic borders or flowers to attract wildlife? A picturesque garden for all to marvel at is achievable with this gardening guide giving you the vital tools to achieve whatever you desire for your dream garden. Delve into this concise and practical guide to find all the gardening ideas and advice you need to create a spectacular, thriving garden. Here's what you'll find inside:- A comprehensive guide covering everything from growing in containers to planting a garden from scratch- Fully illustrated with detailed step-by-steps and inspirational gardening ideas- Detailed beginner's guide to garden design, including step-by-step instructions for simple hard landscaping such as building a raised bed, creating a pond, or laying a patio- Covers all aspects of planting styles, including "recipes" to make the most of different types of plants- Easy-to-follow guides on how to water, feed, prune and propagate your garden- Advice on problem-solving and controlling weeds and pests- A chapter full of Plant Chooser galleries to help you grow the right plant in the right place at the right time. Learn how to plan, sow, plant, and protect your garden throughout the year with expert tips and techniques that will see your garden flourish.

Discover how to design with plants by using colour and texture to create inspirational displays, and keep them at their best with jargon-free guides to pruning and preventing pests and diseases. Undertake a new endeavour of DIY landscaping projects, which include laying your own patio or lawn, or building a raised bed ready for you to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Choose from a catalogue of hundreds of different ornamental plants to find varieties that will thrive in your garden's climate and provide seasonal interest throughout the year.

The Complete Gardener's Manual is the perfect all-around practical book for gardening beginners, also for those looking for a step up from a beginners' gardening book.