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Rutland Through Time

Stephen Butt

ISBN: 9781848689015
Published 13/05/2010
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Rutland is at the very heart of England. It is England's smallest historic county, less than twenty miles in distance from north to south or east to west, a patchwork of incredibly picturesque and peaceful villages. At its centre is Rutland Water, by surface area the largest reservoir in the country covering more than 3000 acres of land, which has matured over the past thirty years into a sanctuary for wildlife and a major tourist attraction.

From hilltop stately homes to clusters of thatched cottages nestling the valleys; from the quiet dignity of the medieval Lyddington Bede House to the Victorian grandeur of the Harringworth Viaduct. Old photographs from the Jack Hart Collection in Rutland County Museum are paired with modern views of the same locations today. They invite the reader to enjoy, explore and value the unique charm and the long history of this special part of England.