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Say No to the Dress

Keren David

ISBN: 9781800900875
Published 07/04/2022
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Miri is fourteen and in the last year she's been mugged by puberty. She's grown six inches, expanded in all directions, her breasts are out of control, and she's prone to random eruptions of spots. Life already feels like a nightmare and now she's been asked to act as a bridesmaid for two of her siblings.

Two weddings and two bridesmaid dresses - could things get any worse? Of course they could. Her brother is getting married to brittle, beautiful Scarlett, whose sister Tiffany is Miri's nemesis at school. Tiffany is the other bridesmaid and the pink satin dress they've chosen makes Miri feel like an oversized sausage.

Join a bridesmaid's hilarious journey to the altar in this sharp-witted story of family, friendship and embracing your true self, no matter what you're forced to wear. . .