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Sir Ladybug and the Queen Bee

Corey R. Tabor

ISBN: 9780063069091
Published 04/08/2022
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The second adventure in the fresh and funny Sir Ladybug young graphic novel series, from Caldecott Honor and two-time Geisel Award-winning author-illustrator Corey Tabor. Perfect for fans of Catwad, Bird & Squirrel, and Narwhal & Jelly. Sir Ladybug-the duke of the dandelion patch, champion of truth and justice-is on a new quest! He and his herald, Pell, and his trusty squire, Sterling, will have to be extra-clever to outwit the mean Queen Bee.

Woven seamlessly into this funny and surprising story are the themes of friendship, bravery, teamwork, creative thinking, and helping others. With warmth and heart, surprising and delightful asides, and a memorable cast of characters, this series will appeal to avid and reluctant readers alike.