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Skin Revolution

Vanita Rattan

ISBN: 9780008473303
Published 17/03/2022
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Caring for your skin is personal, but with hundreds of new products coming to market every year, how can you decide what your skin really needs? And in a world where Caucasian skin dominates clinical trials - but where skin of colour is the global majority - do you know the beautiful science of your melanin? Welcome to Dr Vanita Rattan's Skin Revolution, where your melanin gets the TLC it deserves. The result of years of research by cosmetic formulator Dr V, whose unique expertise in skin of colour has earned her an online audience of millions worldwide, Skin Revolution is bursting with tools and tips to keep your skin healthy and happy, and is the ultimate guide to: Beginning or refining a skincare routine for your skin type Basic skin chemistry and how to understand ingredients labels Insider tips and dispelling beauty marketing myths Common concerns for skin of colour, such as hyperpigmentation, dark circles and melasma Anti-ageing for melanin-rich skin, as well as skincare for kids and teens Skin Revolution is your foundation to everyday radiance throughout a lifetime - for seasoned skincare aficionados and complete beginners, for high-end and budget.

For every complexion of colour: the skin revolution begins now.