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Splinters of Sunshine

Patrice Lawrence

ISBN: 9781444954777
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From the multi-award-winning author of Orangeboy, comes a YA road-trip mystery. I pick up the envelope...As I rip down the sides, there's loads of paper bursting out; stuck on flowers, dandelions, roses . .

Spey recently received two surprises. The first: his ex-prisoner dad turning up unannounced, and the second: a mysterious package containing torn-up paper flowers.

Spey instantly recognises it as a collage he made with his old friend Dee, and decides she must be in danger, but there are no clues to her whereabouts. There's only one person he knows who can help to track her down . .

On a road trip like no other, will Spey and his dad find Dee, before it's too late?