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Sports Heroes: Inspiring Tales of Athletes Who Stood Up and Stood Out

Mia Cassany

ISBN: 9781914519000
Published 14/04/2022
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This book isn't about the most amazing sports victories; it is about how important it is not give up and about learning to overcome life's many challenges and fighting for what you believe in. It delves into examples of some sportspersons who have been able to innovate or fight against prejudice. Athletes featured: Muhammad Ali (USA), Dick Fosbury (USA), Gerry Lopez (USA), Edurne Pasaban (Spain), Gertrude Ederle (USA), Jackie Robinson (USA), Andre Agassi (France), Sonja Henie (Norway), Pele (Brazil), Gino Bartali & Fausto Coppi (Italy), Nadia Comaneci (Romania), Katherine Switzer (Germany), Harry Vardon (UK), Chester Williams (South Africa), Ma Long (China), Patty McGee (USA).