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Ten Poems about Brothers

Various Authors

ISBN: 9781907598494
Published 25/10/2017
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In this wonderful mini-anthology of poems celebrating brothers (a companion to Ten Poems about Sisters) we meet brothers of all ages and of all shapes and sizes, including the brother who:

“has made, out of petrol and hormones,
a little world for himself, a paradise
of hang-gliders and cars;”

from ‘My Lost Brother’ by Ben Scammell

There’s also a young brother who loves riding down the stairs on a tea-tray and teenage brothers who are so alike they even smell the same. There are brothers who grow up and disappear into a new life, living on vividly in the memories of those left behind.

The relationship with a brother can be a complex one, and these poems explore those joys and challenges in fascinating ways. But most of all they reflect the abiding love we feel for a brother and show how this can enrich a life.

Poems by Matthew Dickman, Jonathan Edwards, Lavina Greenlaw, Joanne Limburg, Hannah Lowe, Rebecca McClanahan, Rob Miles, Mary O’Donnell, Ben Scammell and Floyd Skloot.

Cover illustration by Hilke MacIntyre.