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The Curry Guy - BBQ

Dan Toombs

ISBN: 9781787138070
Published 26/05/2022
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In this new book, the Curry Guy, Dan Toombs, brings you his best ever recipes for cooking outdoors and on a barbecue. With simplicity in mind, most of the 100 recipes can be cooked on a kettle-style barbecue - you'll be amazed at how much can be cooked this way, no matter what the weather! Curry-house dishes and flavours work exceptionally well for grilling and live-fire cooking. Alongside familiar meals like kebabs and skewers, naans and tandoori chicken, Dan has developed original recipes for popular street food, as well as the most popular one-pot curries that can be cooked over the fire.

In addition to the recipes, there is clear information about types of barbecue, cooking techniques, fuel types, how to light your barbecue and even the basics of using a tandoor oven. It's the ultimate crossover - Curry Guy meets BBQ!