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The Dragon With the Blazing Bottom

ISBN: 9781471197222
Published 02/09/2021
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The first in a fabulously funny series about a dragon who has lost his flame - but may just find fire elsewhere . . .

Perfect for fans of The DInosaur That Pooped series. Sir Wayne's dragon has lost his flame. Are his teeth TOO clean? Is his tongue TOO pink? Perhaps his diet is to blame.

Not to worry - Sir Wayne has a meal plan of EPIC proportions, including a big lump of lava, one burning bush, some sparklers and fireworks - the ones that go 'WHOOOOSH'. Oh, and one VERY mouldy old piece of cheese - almost as green as the snot from a sneeze . . . What could possibly go wrong?! A hilariously anarchic picture book, with a truly explosive ending!