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The Falafel Cookbook

Heather Thomas
ISBN: 9780008406301
Published 18/03/2021
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Golden and crispy on the outside, deliciously moist and spicy inside, what's not to like about falafel? The falafel may be pretty humble but it is extremely versatile and packed full of delicious potential whether you're sticking to traditional chickpeas or experimenting with more unconventional flavours like beetroot, pumpkin or butterbean. From light accompaniments and simple salads to sandwiches and substantial mains, this book will provide you with plenty of ways to enjoy this healthy and nutritious street food, all year long.

Recipes include:

* Spiced Falafel and Feta Burgers

* Falafel Shakshuka* Greek Falafel and Horiatiki Village Salad

* Falafel Buddha Bowls

* Moroccan Spiced Falafel and Vegetable Tagine

* Falafel Souvlaki