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The Green Planet

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe

ISBN: 9781405946667
Published 06/01/2022
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Accompanying a brand-new BBC series presented by David Attenborough. This is our Green Planet: a hidden world where plants care for other plants and can smell, taste, touch, hear and even...'talk'. In the world of plants, time passes more slowly, but if we speed months into minutes we can peer into this hidden world and realise: it's a battleground.

Plants are working to thwart their enemies, and to trick animals into working for them. Right under your feet, and all around you, is a secret world you've probably never noticed. Until now.

Let's explore our Green Planet: a secret world of plants that might change how you see plants forever . . .

Discover all there is to love about our astonishing Green Planet, the stories of its inhabitants, and the challenges it faces. In collaboration with BBC Earth, this illustrated non-fiction book is perfect for families, as it captures the intrigue, drama, and beauty of the ground-breaking new BBC TV series: The Green Planet, presented by David Attenborough.