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The Key in the Lock

Beth Underdown

ISBN: 9780241991732
Published 02/02/2023
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'Haunting, vivid and urgent' Stacey Halls

'Absorbing, beautifully written' Rosie Andrews

'An ingenious page turner' The Times

Inside lies a secret that won't stay hidden . . .

The Great War is ending, but it has taken Ivy's son. Ivy is consumed by discovering what happened to her boy out there in the trenches, while her husband only wants to forget. Then a man comes back into Ivy's life who can help her find out.

A man who once stole Ivy's heart. A man who also lost his son to a tragedy. A man whose name she hasn't spoken in thirty years.

As Ivy questions her part in the fire at Polneath House, she unlocks a secret that's been burning ever since. But will the truth destroy her - or set her free?

'It will recruit fans of Du Maurier and Waters' Patrick Gale

'A story of smouldering secrets, lingering guilt and hidden love' Daily Express

'The perfect gothic novel' Stuart Turton