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The Ocean Book: Explore the Hidden Depth of Our Blue Planet

Published 01/09/2020
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Dive deep into the hidden depths of the world's oceans and seas.

Did you know that oceans cover 70% of our planet? That's a lot to explore! Plunge into Lonely Planet Kids' The Ocean Book to travel around the world and discover amazing animals, birds and plants who call the ocean home, explore the ruins of shipwrecks and underwater cities, meet marine biologists and fishers who work on the water.

You'll also come ashore to discover amazing islands and beaches, and learn what it's like to live in a remote place in the middle of the ocean. Join explorers on their voyages to learn about the sea, from the very first explorations and trade routes, to the latest technology used to discover what lies in the ocean's forbidden depths.

What effect does climate change have on our oceans? What about plastic waste and oil spills? Learn about how the ocean has been put in danger by humans and the ways you can help make a difference and protect the seas for future generations.

Chapters include:

Oceans of the World
Prehistoric Oceans
The Ocean Environment
Ocean Life
Coasts and the Intertidal Zone
Offshore Margins
The Open Ocean
The Deep Ocean
Polar Oceans
Ocean Exploration
Using, Abusing and Protecting the Oceans