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The Treasure Under the Jam Factory

Chrissie Sains

ISBN: 9781406396140
Published 07/04/2022
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The second hilarious adventure starring Scooter the inventor and his top secret alien sidekick. Scooter's hyper-creative brain is a constant fizz of brilliant ideas, but when he pairs up with his best friend Fizzbee the alien, his inventions are out of this world... McLay's Jam factory is scheduled for a Grand Re-Opening TONIGHT.

That is until Scooter's nemesis Daffy Dodgy turns up to reveal her name is still on the deeds. Scooter must either hand over all his best ideas, or find the money to buy back the factory. When Cat Pincher turns up with a treasure map, revealing there's a hoard of treasure buried under the jam factory, it seems like Scooter's in with a chance.

But he's not the only one after the treasure... Can Scooter, Fizzbee and Cat follow the map and find the treasure? Will Daffy and Boris the guinea pig do what they do best and mess everything up? Or will Cat's nefarious uncle, Perry Pincher and his gold-sniffing ferret Colonel Pom Pom beat them all to it?

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