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Those people next door

Kia Abdullah

ISBN: 9780008433727
Published 03/08/2023
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 You can choose your house. Not your neighbours. WELCOME TO YOUR DREAM HOME... Salma Khatun is extremely hopeful about Blenheim, the safe suburban development to which she, her husband and their son have just moved.

Their family is in desperate need of a fresh start, and Blenheim feels like the place to make that happen. MEET YOUR NEW NEIGHBOURS... Not long after they move in, Salma spots her neighbour, Tom Hutton, ripping out the anti-racist banner her son put in their front garden.

She chooses not to confront Tom because she wants to fit in. It's a small thing, really. No need to make a fuss.

So Salma takes the banner inside and puts it in her window instead. But the next morning she wakes up to find her window smeared with paint. AND PREPARE FOR THE NIGHTMARE TO BEGIN...

This time she does confront Tom, and the battle lines between the two families are drawn. As things begin to escalate and the stakes become higher, it's clear that a reckoning is coming... And someone is going to get hurt.