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What Just Happened?!

Marina Hyde

ISBN: 9781783352616
Published 01/06/2023
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THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Relive the delusional fever-dream of the modern era. 'Thank f*ck for Marina Hyde: the most lethal, vital, screamingly funny truth-teller of our time.'PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE

'The most brilliantly funny columnist of our time. 'GARY LINEKER

'It's a scientific FACT: Marina Hyde is Britain's funniest writer.'CAITLIN MORAN

Drawn from her spectacularly funny Guardian columns, What Just Happened?! is a welcome blast of humour and sanity in a world where reality has become stranger than fiction. Join Hyde as she revisits every moment of magic, from David Cameron to Theresa May to Boris Johnson to Rishi Sunak.

Did we miss anyone? Boggle at the cast of characters: Hollywood sex offenders, populists, sporting heroes (and villains), media barons, reality TV monsters, police officers, wicked advisers, philanthropists, fauxlanthropists, frostbitten princes and (naturally) Gwyneth Paltrow. It's the full state banquet of crazy - and you're most cordially invited.

'A joyous rallying voice in British journalism.'GRAYSON PERRY

'An infinite number of gag-writers, working all day in a gag factory, couldn't come up with any of the perfectly-formed one-liners that populate Marina Hyde's hilarious writing .

. . But behind the wit lurks real anger, argument, exasperation and intelligence.

Her writing is more than a gentle poke in the ribs: it's a well-wrought and deftly aimed smash in the teeth.' ARMANDO IANNUCCI