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Wolf Pack

Will Dean

ISBN: 9780861542017
Published 01/06/2023
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A Times Crime Club Pick of the Week.

When there's a pack on the hunt, nobody's safe.

A closed community, Rose Farm is home to a group of survivalists, completely cut off from the outside world. Until now. A missing person. A young woman goes missing within the perimeter of the farm compound.

Can Tuva talk her way inside the tight-knit group to find her story? A frantic search. As Tuva attempts to unmask the culprit, she gains unique access to the residents. But soon she finds herself in danger of the pack turning against her - will she make her way back to safety so she can expose the truth?

Will Dean's most heart-pounding Tuva Moodyson thriller yet takes Tuva to her absolute limits in exposing a heinous crime, and in her own personal life. Can she, and will she, do the right thing?