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Worst Week Ever!. Wednesday

Eva Amores

ISBN: 9781398521971
Published 06/07/2023
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Have YOU ever had a bad week? The hilarious new series taking the world by storm. His cat is still missing, he's an unintentional internet sensation, and now he's trapped in a serious S.O.S situation with his unbelievably annoying archenemy! Justin Chase is having the WORST WEEK EVER! At least there's the chance of this totally abandoned island being home to hordes of secret treasure, right? Maybe not... As the island seems only to house terrifying sharks, petrifying pirates and anything capable of chilling Justin right down to his bones! Monday was messy, Tuesday was an embarrassment, but now it's...WEDNESDAY! The third book in the hilarious new seven-part highly-illustrated series for fans of the globally bestselling Treehouse series.