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Young Jane Young

Gabrielle Zevin

ISBN: 9780349146379
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This is the story of five women . . . Meet Rachel Grossman.

She'll stop at nothing to protect her daughter, Aviva, even if it ends up costing her everything. Meet Jane Young. She's disrupting a quiet life with her daughter, Ruby, to seek political office for the first time.

Meet Ruby Young. She thinks her mom has a secret. She's right.

Meet Embeth Levin. She has made a career of cleaning up her congressman husband's messes. Meet Aviva Grossman.

The Internet won't let her or anyone else forget her past transgressions. This is the story of five women...and the scandal that binds them together. From Gabrielle Zevin, the bestselling author of Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, comes another story with unforgettable characters that is particularly suited to the times we live in now.