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Coalville Through Time

Steve Duckworth

ISBN: 9781445614076
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Coalville was born in 1833 following the discovery of untouched coal under sparsely populated fields at Long Lane. George and Robert Stephenson arrived to build the Leicester & Swannington Railway and suddenly the place was alive with miners, engineers and brick makers recruited from many parts of the UK. Housing was built off the main roads to accommodate the incomers and traders arrived to supply all manner of goods.

Chapels provided education for workers' children, and marches were held each year from Marlborough Square. Through difficult times, a local Co-op spread rapidly into the square but has recently closed, like many other businesses including the mines and railways. The square provided a venue for public celebrations.

Fortunately, Snibston Colliery buildings survive as the venue of a discovery museum, attracting many visitors.