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A World Full of Journeys and Migrations

Martin Howard

ISBN: 9780711256170
Published 08/02/2022
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Why do people migrate? Who were the first travellers in history? And where will we humans travel to next? Since the dawn of time, people have travelled to distant lands for many different reasons; to escape war, famine or injustice, to find work, or to simply see new sights and have an adventure. But everyone who migrates does it to seek a brighter future. A World Full of Journeys tells some of the most fascinating stories of migration throughout history.

From the very first humans who left Africa almost 70,000 years ago and moved around the world, to immigrants welcomed to America at Ellis Island, this book is packed with fascinating tales of human triumph. Beautifully illustrated with bright pictures and maps detailing these migrants' journeys bring these stories to life. From Viking sea traders and Roman armies marching through Europe to Huegenot refugees fleeing persecution from the Catholic church and migrants travelling from the Caribbean to Britain as part of the Windrush Generation, this book explores the fascinating stories of the people who have crossed the world.

With chapters including Africa, Oceania, Europe and the Americas, this book looks all across the world to tell the full story of our journeys throughout history. You'll discover that every single journey has the capacity to change the world.