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Bears Don't Cry!


ISBN: 9780008491871
Published 02/03/2023
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The beautiful sequel to Bears Don't Read! from renowned author/illustrator, Emma Chichester Clark, creator of Blue Kangaroo. The crowd went quiet. Then somebody whispered, "Bears don't cry, do they?" George is no ordinary bear.

He lives with a little girl called Clementine and her mother, who have taught him to read! One day, when George finishes his book early and knows it will be a long time before Clementine and her mother return home, he decides to go the library by himself. At first it's exciting to stroll along the sunny street. But poor George's trip soon ends in disaster and, to make things worse, his library book is ruined.

Can anyone help George to feel better when his feelings are hurt? A heart-warming, feel-good story about friendship, with a powerful and highly relevant message that even big bears can cry.