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The Antiquarian Sticker Book: Imaginarium

Dot Odd

ISBN: 9781250851895
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Delight in the pages of the Antiquarian Sticker Book: Imaginarium, a compendium of over 1,000 gorgeous stickers to capture your imagination. Dreamlike collages, inspiring quotations, and vintage ephemera are illuminated in sticker form. This charming, gorgeously curated sticker book is perfect for your coffee table or craft table and makes a unique gift! Peel and decorate scrapbooks, letters, journals, and more! Or simply browse the pages to feast on the beauty of this lush sticker book unlike any other.

A treasure trove of authentic historical prints from the ornate Victorian era can live on its own, be used on stationary and wrapping, or invigorate your own original art! With over 1,000 ravishing stickers, the Antiquarian Sticker Book: Imaginarium will inspire you to imagine new horizons.