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The Kids' Book of Sticker Love

Irene Smit

ISBN: 9781523512997
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The Kids' Book of Sticker Love is packed with tons of creative ideas and crafty projects for kids to make with their hands, paper goodies to create and decorate, and stickers of all stripes: vinyl stickers, glow-in-the-dark stickers, glitter and metallic stickers, photo corners, alphabet stickers, and more. Put it all together and you've got hours and hours of screen-free fun. Organised in four sections, there's stuff to Craft - like a set of origami finger puppets with animal eyes, ears, whisker and nose stickers, or a geometric necklace to make out of colourful dot stickers and paper cutouts.

There's a Write section - use colourful alphabet stickers to compose a note; record your favourite things in seasonal DIY notebooks. Next is a Play section - have fun with projects like sticker-based tangrams. And a Share section - decorate your bedroom ceiling with classic glow-in-the-dark star and constellation stickers, or cut and fold tiny patterned paper gift bags and seal them with a matching sticker.

No matter the activity, the emphasis is on the doing - and finding the pleasure and value that comes with the creative process.