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A Blue New Deal: Why We Need New Politics for the Ocean

Chris Armstrong

ISBN: 9780300270402
Published 25/04/2023
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An urgent account of the state of our oceans today-and what we must do to protect them The ocean sustains life on our planet, from absorbing carbon to regulating temperatures, and, as we exhaust the resources to be found on land, it is becoming central to the global market. But today we are facing two urgent challenges at sea: massive environmental destruction and spiraling inequality in the ocean economy. Chris Armstrong reveals how existing governing institutions are failing to respond to the most pressing problems of our time, arguing that we must do better.

Armstrong examines these crises-from the fate of people whose lands will be submerged by sea level rise to the exploitation of people working in fishing to the rights of marine animals-and makes the case for a powerful World Ocean Authority capable of tackling them. A Blue New Deal presents a radical manifesto for putting equality, democracy, and sustainability at the heart of ocean politics.